What the what? 3:50 AM

Up late thinking… Going through old messages and saved poetry. I’ve realized, this year alone, I’ve been through and feel as if I’ve changed completely into another person. Who am I again?

I’m really lost with words because it’s like I’m content with the new me in college and relationship wise but am I happy? Content to me means satisfaction; enough to get you by. Happiness to me means exceeding satisfactory; a level achieved by moments that not only gets you by but lasts longer than plug in air Freshers in a wall.

I feel like life and love are taking a huge dump on my inspirations and thoughts when, in reality, I need to be concerning myself with passing my finals this week. My ex is giving me the hardest time and my first love is too busy being a marine to even keep in contact for the last few days. I hope to make it through this week and pass all my classes, but it’s hard to do so with no encouragement and self motivation.
New beginnings should come for me soon. I just know it.

Final two weeks of my semester

This week is starting out to be a drag. My back hurts, neck hurts, and an abundant amount of work needs to be done before final grades will be turned in. How ironic that everything just decides to rush into the back door of my week within seconds. UGH.

How about my ex boyfriend is starting the most shit as if he can have his cake and eat it too. I have enough things to think about with school and my job then people such as him feels that they should gain the attention from me when I haven’t even given my attention to sleep and food…. I need advice on how to relax because I truly don’t know how.

Well I’m off to finish a paper that’s due tomorrow as well as a group presentation due tomorrow at 10 AM. Those are my thoughts, at least for now. My mind capacity is overwhelmed at the moment. Night.

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My best friend.

My best friend.

Just designed my nails :)
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First Things First…

What’s funny is.. Of all times, Why did I decide to make a blog around Thanksgiving Break?

 Many irrelevant situations happened to me before Thanksgiving break; as a result, they continue to happen until I gave them importance. My recent ex boyfriend, my first love, my semester grades, and my seasonal job up and decided to clash together into my big whirl pool of thoughts flooding up my brain. Those examples are all different within their own personalities, and then again kind of related to one another. 

Once Thanksgiving break started, my life finally simmered down from the crazy and hectic moments but the crazy and hectic moments are currently at a constant level.. just waiting to wake again.

Got BO2 the day it came out. Looks like I’ll be playing this in order to relax. This week’s events has drained me to the core. No point in stressing when I can run to my good ole’ comfort zone called “video games”.

I am me. I am not willing to change for you, or anyone else. Take me as I am, or watch me as I go.
By Earl Jasper
If you don’t love me, somebody will. If you’re not missing me, somebody is. If you don’t care about me, somebody does. You’re replaceable.
By Earl Jasper